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Character Files
« on: March 11, 2013, 10:04:14 pm »
Character Files

Service # 422504 WILSON, M
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for Air Ministry internal use ONLY

Name: WILSON, Molly             
Service Number: 422504
Date of Birth: 25th April      19 16    
Place of Birth: England
Gender: Female     Height: 5 ft. 6 in.    Weight: 7 st. 5 lb.
Choose: Male, Female        Round to nearest inch               Round to nearest pound
Hair: Dark                   Eyes: Brown               
Note details and variations in shade/colour in parentheses
Nationality:   British Subject (United Kingdom)                                                         
Permanent Residence: On Base (RAF XXXXXXXX)                                                 
Marital Status: Widowed     No. of Dependents, [No. of Dependent Minors]: 2 , [ 2 ]
Choose: Single unmarried, Single divorced, Married, Widower/Widowed
Addendum & Erratum: N/A                                                 

Date of Enlistment: 3rd July      19 39
Place of Enlistment: Victory House, Kingsway, London                                               
Branch:   Women's Auxiliary (Intelligence)                                                             
Choose: Regular R.A.F., Auxiliary, Women's Auxiliary, Volunteer Reserve, Medical Services, P.M.R.A.F.N.S., Other (list details)
Rank & Date of Seniority:   Aircraftwoman 2nd Class 3rd July 1939, Aircraftwoman 1st Class 7th August 1939, Corporal 17th June 1940   
Date of Separation: -          19
Reason for Separation: -                                                                       
Choose: Expiration of enlistment term, Retirement, General demobilization, Hardship/Medical grounds, Disciplinary action,
    Resignation of commission, Other (list details)

Service # 422504 WILSON, M
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- WAAF Depot (RAF West Drayton), 19th July 1939
- No. 1 School of Technical Training (RAF Halton), 9th August 1939
- Maintenance Detachment (RAF Sutton Bridge), 10th January 1940
- No. 319 Squadron Maintenance Section (RAF Tempsford), 4th September 1940


- Albert Medal, May 17th 1940


- 12th February, 1940: Report lodged by the Sutton Bridge Police Force that CPL. WADDOCK had been involved in a
disturbance at the New Inn public house on the night of Saturday 10th February and had been arrested by local
civilian police along with members of the Women's Land Army. After spending the night in a police cell CPL. WADDOCK
was handed over to RAF Police Flight, Sutton Bridge and the matter reported to the Station Commander of RAF Sutton
Bridge. CPL. WADDOCK was 'put on jankers' and Confined to Camp for a period of seven days.


- Prior to 1939 received tuition from father in aircraft engines and rifle handling.
- Completed two weeks' basic training at WAAF Depot, RAF West Drayton.
- Completed 18 weeks' Technical Training at RAF Halton.

Service # 422504 WILSON, M
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- 3rd July, 1939: Enlisted into WAAF at Victory House, Kingsway, London; posted to WAAF Depot RAF West Drayton with
rank of Aircraftwoman 2nd Class, 19th July 1939.
- 2nd August 1939: Completes basic training and promoted to Aircraftwoman 1st Class, effective 3rd August 1939.
- 9th August 1939: Posted to No. 1 School of Technical Training, RAF Halton.
- 13th December, 1939: Completes technical training at RAF Halton, given leave over Christmas.
- 10th January, 1940: Posted to Maintenance Detachment, RAF Sutton Bridge.
- 12th February, 1940: Confined to Camp - see disciplinary record.
- 9th May, 1940: Rescued aircrew from a Fairey BATTLE that had crashed landed following a training flight,
commended for her actions by the Station Commander.
- 17th May, 1940: CPL. WADDOCK awarded the Albert Medal for her actions on 9th May 1940.
- 4th September, 1940: Transferred to No. 319 Squadron Maintenance Section, transfer effective 5th September 1940.

Service # 422504 WILSON, M
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Re: Character Files
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There you go Magz, obviously replace the pic and a few of the details.