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SOTR: Gotterdammerung 1949 Background
« on: May 13, 2010, 06:09:30 pm »

Spring; Frau Tear travels to Transylvania, where she spends several months. She returns to Germany in the spring of 1934 and goes into seclusion.

April; Reports of UFO sightings over the course of two weeks occur across the northern hemisphere. Actual Alien sightings are reported in by State Troopers just west of the Black Hills of South Dakota.

July 15; Soviet spy Sergei Ivanov successfully infiltrates the Los Alamos facility and soon begins to steal information about the Manhattan project for the motherland.

October 23; Hitler and Franco meet in Madrid to discuss Spain's entry into the war on the side of the Axis.

February 13; Hitler orders the creation of the SWD (Special Weapons Development). Captain Wolfgang Faust is assigned as the military liaison to the research team investigating the reports of paranormal activity.

January 4; Elli Anselm and her SWD team embark on their Antarctic expedition to verify reports of Nihl activities over the south polar regions.

April 18; The U-boat assigned to rendezvous with Anselm finds no trace of the expedition, save for Anselm herself, who they find standing naked in snow and ice. Only the highest members of the SWD know what happened.

June 4-7; Battle of Midway. US and Japanese both suffer severe losses of aircraft, pilots and ships. The battle is generally regarded as a Japanese victory.

October 2; The first lycanthropy victim is successfully captured by Wolfgang Faust and the SWD.

January 18; Vasily Zaytsev, sniper hero of the Soviet Union is involved in a tragic landmine accident just days before the end of the battle for Stalingrad, suffering severe facial injuries. He is sent to the United States for medical care.

May 10; Gustav Krupp is named as the head of Project Tin Man, the German program to develop the next generation of armoured mobile weapons systems.

June 11; After the losses in Northern Africa and the failures of Italian forces, Hitler again turns to Spain, secretly granting Franco much of what he asked for several years ago in terms of money and equipment.

September 5; Hitler makes his last public appearance, and goes into hiding. He continues to issue orders and recorded speeches, but his exact whereabouts are unknown.

November 9; The SWD isolates the virus and mutation causing lycanthropy. Volunteers are injected with the serum. The test is not a success, and the volunteers are released on the Eastern front.

February 11; Werner Von Blick, research scientist on the Tin Man project, defects to the US. He is sent to Detroit to begin development of the US mecha program.

Early Spring; London is continually targeted by German V-2 rockets which transforms most of the city into a ghost town. Most of the British parliament leaves the city, but Churchill and his cabinet remain.

March 26; Reports of an Allied army in southern England headed by Patton causes German high command to pull much of their forces northward to guard against an imminent invasion. Spanish forces take control of southern Europe.

April 17; After successful field testing, mass production of the SdKfz 331 ?Hornet?, the first of the Panzer Mecha, begins.

April 29; Hugo Von X of the SWD develops Vergeltungswaffe 4, a compound that not only kills its victims quickly, but also animates the recently deceased. Mass production of the zombie-spawning elixir is quickly begun.

June 6; Operation Overlord. Allies establish a foothold in Normandy, but encounter greater resistance than expected. The offensive grinds to a halt.

June 10; Germany uses the newly created V-gas against Allied forces attempting to break out of Normandy with great success. The westward prevailing winds limit Germany's use of V-gas in large quantities however.

June 20; Germany begins arming their V-2 rockets with V-gas. After less than a week of bombing, zombies haunt the streets of London. The police and military do their best to prevent an epidemic.

August 6; Allied forces encounter the German Mechas. The ?Hornet? proves to be a potent assault vehicle, and its ability to take a pounding unnerves the US and UK forces.

August 15; Operation Dragoon ? The 6th US Army Group begins an amphibious assault on France's southern coast. Spanish forces were aware and well-prepared for the invasion. Outnumbered and unprepared for a long, drawn out engagement, the operation is called off after 2 days.

September 6; Allied leaders decide to use chemical/gas weapons in retaliation for Germany's use of V-gas. Gas masks become standard issue to all Allied forces in Europe.

October 4; Area 51 is established on an old air-force test range in the desert of south-western Nevada.

November 23; Due to very fast adaptation of German mecha technology, the British start manufacturing their own mechas designated R.A.T.

December 25; The Soviet advance westward is slowed considerably due to unexpectedly high losses, difficulty in overcoming German mechs, and constant V-gas attacks.

February 21; Spanish forces move into North Africa with an invasion along the Moroccan coast that sends Allied forces reeling.

March 9; Japan, having finally broken the US Navajo codes, leaks communications about a massing of their carrier groups near the Bicol Region of the Philippines.

March 16; Libby Ryan makes the first US attempt with jet-powered flight with the US X-Plane program at Area 51.

March 27; 4 US Carrier groups close in on the Bicol Region. The Japanese fleet lies in ambush, and the US suffers heavy losses. Only half the fleet survives and escapes, putting a serious dent in the US capability to pursue a meaningful Pacific offensive.

April 8; The 1st UK Mecha regiment is founded. The Mechs prove themselves very efficient, and are the key to the Allied liberation of Paris on April 23rd.

April 12; Roosevelt dies after suffering a massive cerebral haemorrhage. Harry Truman is sworn in as President.

June 11; A new branch of British intelligence, the MI-13 is founded. An enigmatic charcter simply known as ?Dr. Lazarus? is made head of operations.

July 8; An alien spacecraft crashes outside of Roswell, New Mexico. The spacecraft and the 4 alien casualties are quickly moved to Area 51 under extreme secrecy.

July 24; German commandos raid Los Alamos laboratories, killing Robert Oppenhiem and the other heads of the Manhattan Project, escaping through Mexico with top secret atomic weapons data. Soviet spy Sergei Ivanov returns to the USSR.

August 6; Truman authorizes the use of one of the 3 bombs completed before the raid on Los Alamos. The first atomic weapon of the war is dropped on Hiroshima, Japan.

September 18; Truman orders the last 2 atomic bombs to be dropped on the 2 main Axis capitols. Berlin is destroyed, but the B-17 headed for Tokyo the next day is shot down short of its target. It is assumed that the bomb is lost.

September 28; Hitler, having fled to Prussia from Berlin in late August in fear of a US atomic bomb strike, orders Albert Speer to begin construction of Germania, the new capitol of the Third Reich.

October 21; After slowly but successfully liberating most of Belgium and parts of eastern France. The Allies fortify their positions in anticipation of a long stalemate over the winter.

November 10; MI-13 operatives led by Dr. Lazarus storm the attic of an old house near Bristol and successfully corner and capture a true living vampire.

November 21; The OSS begins recruiting volunteers for its ?Sentinel? program.

December 16; The Germans launch a major offensive in the Ardennes region, catching the Allies off guard. The ME-362 Jet Mecha and Hornet mechas help surround the US troops at Bastogne. Allies also encounter Jaegerhunds for the first time.

December 28; German Drop troops appear out of the fog over Bastogne and finish off the allied troops holed up there. 4 dozen US soldiers are taken prisoner.

January 25; The Ardennes Offensive comes to a stalemate as heavy winter snows set in. The German advance reached the Belgian coast at its highest tide. The German forces are stretched thin, but manage to hold onto the ground under their control.

February 18; Major Jack Black is sent to the US to take part in the Sentinel program. The injection of the ?Roswell Cocktail? almost kills him. To save his life, his flesh is merged with machine to become the world's first cyborg.

March 3; Germany initiates a ?Catch and Release? program for zombies, often letting them loose behind enemy lines.

March 13; Soviet mecha units are sighted on the Eastern front. The Russians utilize captured German mechas as they still fail to successfully reproduce a model of their own.

March 29; Experiments on prisoners lead to the first successful transformation of Soviet soldiers into what are later nicknamed ?Siberian Subhumans?.

April 1-3; Japanese kamikazes plummet out of the sky over Seattle, loaded with tanks of a V-gas variant. Similar attacks on San Francisco and Los Angeles occur days later.

April 19; After months of study and reconfiguration of the serum, Libby Ryan volunteers to be the first to take the revised Roswell Cocktail.

May 4; The first group of Siberian Subhumans are field tested. The savage fury and unstoppable power of the Siberians give the project the green light to expand.

July 21; In a surprise attack with overwhelming numbers, German and Spanish forces invade the British stronghold of Gibraltar.

August 7; The Soviets deploy their own V-Gas variant, often using the same tactics as their enemy ? gather & release zombies behind enemy lines.

August 17; Alexandru ?Sickle? Nicolschi and Vladislav Volkov escape a Nazi prison camp in Romania. Nicolschi goes back to his duty as a Soviet Commissar, but Volkov undergoes the ?Subhuman treatment? to be saved from his injuries ? becoming ?Hammer? in the process.

September 1; MI-13 weapon designers come up with the ?Webley Sabot?, a pistol with special ammunition that is perfect for monster hunting.

September 30; Hugo Von X takes command of Gibraltar and begins to set up his research facilities there.

October 9; British scientists reverse engineer German Drop trooper armour, leading to the forming of a new elite unit ? British Steel.

October 27; Soviet troops stumble across a huge creature in the Siberian wastes, four to five times larger than a regular bear and infinitely more vicious.

January 9; Hugo Von X initiates Project Ubermann ? work on the next generation of German super soldiers.

February 24; Soviet Union builds warship factories in the Siberian city of Salekhard safe from enemy spies above the Arctic circle.

March 20; Dr. Lazarus leads an MI-13 investigation about a young girl. They eventually find her and Dr. Lazarus aptly names her ?Ash? based on her incinerating powers.

April 18; SWD researchers make a breakthrough in isolating and controlling the lycanthropy virus. Major Wolfgang Faust is the first to take the new serum.

May 3; First successful Atomic Bomb test by Germany. 5 more bombs are produced.

July 4; With much patriotic fanfare, the M-100 Comanche Mecha is unveiled.

August 10; German A-bomb detonated in Dunkirk. The western Allies are forced to move supply lines further from the front.

August 11; Paris levelled by a second German A-bomb.

August 12; A V-2 rocket armed with an atomic bomb aboard hits London. Winston Churchill and his personal cabinet are missing and presumed to have died in the attack.

September 18; An atomic bomb, smuggled on a German U-boat is detonated outside Baltimore. Efforts of the Coast Guard keep the U-boat from reaching Washington D.C.

September 20; The Soviet Union invades Sweden after crushing Axis defenders in Lapland and Finland. They quickly overpower the German garrisons in Sweden and seize industrial production facilities.

September 22; Western Allies declare war on the Soviet Union after Stalin refuses to leave Sweden. Allied mountain forces invade Norway.

October 1; The first class of Comanche Mech pilots make their debut in northern Africa with minimal success as traditional tank tactics do not work.

October 22; SWD technicians and engineers from Skoda Works create a ?pinger? control device that establish some semblance of cohesion amongst the hordes of zombies.

November 14; Stalingrad hit by a German A-bomb. A symbolic blow as most of the city is already in ruins

December 5; Stalin initiates what is called ?Assemblies of Retribution? to rid himself of unwanted Allied POWs and civilians.

February 24; Germany tries to increase the life-span of its soldiers by issuing personal body armour. The US begins issuing armour in April and the British do likewise over the summer.

March 19; Soviet Union unsuccessfully tries to detonate their first A-bomb.

June 6; US deploys the first ?Chameleon Snipers? with remarkable success. The Nihl-tech camouflage makes them nearly invisible on the battlefield.

July 27; The first US Armoured Personal Exo-systems roll of the assembly line.

August 11; The M-203 Mecha is unveiled. Nicknamed the ?Big Chief? this long-awaited weapon is meant to be the counter to the German ?Hornet?.

August 27; The Soviet's 2nd attempt at detonating an atomic bomb is unsuccessful, much to Stalin's ire.

September 17; An A-bomb is dropped on Seattle by Japan. US military officers believe this was the ?Thin Man? bomb presumed lost in the Pacific Ocean.

January 18; Germany unveils its next great weapon, the Tiger mecha.

February 1; A U.S. APE battalion headed by ?Slugger? Murphy and UK MI-13 commandos led by Paddy Mayne launch an 'Incursion' of Gibraltar, trying to disable the ?doomsday device? of Hugo Von X that could win the war for Germany.

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Re: SOTR: Gotterdammerung 1949 Background
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Good stuff! :)

I'll have to think of a character :)

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Re: SOTR: Gotterdammerung 1949 Background
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Dramatis Personae


MI-13 is the United Kingdom?s answer to enemy super science, occult activity, and specifically, the German SWD. This intelligence agency has a powerful military arm. In addition to specialized field agents, MI-13 deploys commando kill teams that bring with them the knowledge and equipment to get the job done on a mission by mission basis. MI-13 Commandos are elite special forces who?s ranks are filled with the most decorated and fearless former LRDG and SAS as well as highly trained ?specialists? with unique powers. They have seen it all. They have hunted vampires, launched impossible raids on fortified enemy laboratories, and on occasion even driven the Minions of Hell back through its burning gates.

The Bad Luck Boys

The Bad Luck Boys are England's answer to the supernatural horrors of the war. MI-13 operatives are deployed to counter Axis and Soviet occult activity. They bring with them the knowledge and armament to get the job done on a mission by mission basis. Individual operatives are quirky characters. Some have backgrounds in magic and the occult and some have supernatural powers of their own.


Dr John Lazarus

MI-13 operative. Lazarus is most prominent among the "Bad Luck Boys". Some magicians hide their souls in a cat. Lazarus hides his in a bottle of single-malt scotch. Lazarus by name, Lazarus by nature. The good doctor has the ability to regenerate tissue damage at an extraordinary rate. He can also heal other people although this has its consequences, causing him to prematurely age. He has the uncanny ability to tell when someone is about to die, a form of prescience. He cannot however see his own death. "My good Colonel its been nice knowing you, but in eight seconds time the back of your head is going to be delightfully decorating this drab office."

Lazarus is often accompanied by his pet Vampire Maxwell, a sniveling and conniving wretch who is beholden to Lazarus as a meal ticket and whose life is in the hands of MI-13. Lazarus often takes command of regular army forces in MI-13's secret war.



MI-13's Ash is an enigma. Her unearthly beauty is tempered by her severe countenance and the flickers of flame that form a nimbus about her fiery red hair. Her origins are mysterious. Animals shy away from her nervously and men avert their eyes. When she goes into battle, the veneer of humanity slips away and what emerges is terrifying demonic. She (or it) consumes her enemies in a pyrotechnic conflagration.


Jack Black

Jack Black was a tough from the East End. He gambled and drank and fought his way up the ranks into the SAS where he led daring long range desert raids on exposed Axis positions in North Africa. Lt. Black dropped into Normandy during Overlord. Separated from his platoon, he took down the unit's objective armed only with a knife and an e-tool. The now Major Jack Black was one of the first to enter the United States Sentinel program. The process went horribly wrong and he was mangled beyond recognition. Nihl tech from Area 51 saved his life and made him stronger for it. Jack is a Cyborg: the first of his kind. In England's darkest hour, a hero emerges. Some say bullets bounce off of the Union Jack he wears on his chest. Some say he has the strength of ten men. In any case, it's a bad day for Jerry when Black Jack drops in.


Paddy Mayne

Colonel Paddy Mayne is the most decorated Commonwealth soldier in the war. This former rugby star turned warrior led SAS teams in bold raids that inflicted tremendous damage on enemy assets in the early war. In North Africa after his teams have been blown to hell and are short on supplies, they received a withdrawal order. ?What order?? he says as he tears it up. The top LRDG man exclaims, ?But it?s crazy to go on like this?. Mayne responds, ?Crazy? Crazy is what we do, mate?.

After a series of successful actions in France and the Low Countries which stunned his superiors as much as the enemy, he was inducted into MI-13 in 1944, and afterward led the British teams in both the Hague Incident and the Vermork Catastrophe. He was finally awarded the Victoria Cross for singlehandedly killing the vampire Mathias and his thralls at Schloss Stolzenfels castle, then dragging the wounded members of his team to safety. Paddy Mayne, it is said, is a man without fear.

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Re: SOTR: Gotterdammerung 1949 Background
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The Temple

In many natural philosophies it is said that for everything in the universe, there is an anti-pole, a dark mirror. The dark mirror of the MI-13 is the Temple. The origins of the Temple are unknown, lost in a morass of myth and superstition, or perhaps strangled by the Temple itself for its own protection. Some conjecture that the Temple is connected to the Masons, and indeed the rumored name of the Temple's leader and Grand Master - the Crow - is suggestive of Aleister Crowley. But neither that name nor any conclusions drawn from it are certain.

Several who have claimed to have crossed the black path of the Temple have whispered of a non-descript man in opaque glasses, a trench coat and a bowler hat. That such a description should be accompanied by the visible shivers of terror that overtake those whisperers speaks of a man (if he is a man) that is much more than he seems. This man, called "Mr Smythe" by MI-13 for lack of any certain appellation, may be one of the Decima, Templars who gave themselves over to a transformative process of brutal physical training and scientific and eldritch alteration from which only one in ten survive. For that matter, Smythe may not be an individual man - there may in fact be many "Mr Smythes" out there. In any event, at least three fragmentary reports in the MI-13 dossiers have placed Smythe in the company of groups of heavily-armed men in night-black body armour - the Brothers of the Temple.

One report has him accompanied by a terrifying monster evoking the works of Mary Shelly - a simulacra or Golem constructed of modified human flesh. The influence of Nihl tech is heavily suspected. The report of such a "Flesh Golem" would also fit with various speculations that the Temple is in possession of the Keys of Solomon, ancient grimoires of deepest magics and necromancy allegedly penned by King Solomon himself. These grimoires disappeared from his namesake Temple centuries ago. Crowley claimed to have studied them, and the Masons were long accused of hiding them.

Whatever the truth, and however deadly "Mr Smythe" and the Templars are, judging from the pattern of their work, they still work for King and Crown. They simply appear to have abandoned all scruples and morality in serving their country, doing whatever must be done for England. Officially denied by the Government, it is nevertheless fairly certain that the Temple does exist. The MI-13 hunt them relentlessly, fighting the Temple for England's soul just as desperately as they fight the SWD for her body.

Mr Smythe

Mr Smythe is an entity that most would consider amoral, despicable, and without an ounce of conscience, if any outside the Temple lived to tell of his deeds. The only reliable MI-13 records are those of Dr Lazarus recounting the Doctor's strike on a Temple lair to free Ash. Lazarus swears that Ash reduced Smythe to cinders upon her release. Ash for her part has no recollection of either her captivity or her liberation. Later reports from MI-13 operatives record sightings of Smythe or an identical figure in other parts of Europe. Is he a single man, or is he legion?

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Re: SOTR: Gotterdammerung 1949 Background
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Great Britain

State of the Nation

By mid 1940 the British government takes unprecedented action to harness the economy for the war effort. Production of consumer goods is virtually eliminated, civilians are assigned jobs and taxes are raised to astronomical levels; the highest reaching nearly 95%. Civil society develops a grim likeness to that of the Soviet Union. Civilian consumption is strictly regulated. School children above the age of fifteen are inducted into the workforce and boys of sixteen and older join the armed forces. By the end of 1944 London becomes a shell of its former self as civilians flee or are killed by the constant barrage of V-2 rockets. Civil defense is taxed with guarding the living from the growing threat of zombies spawned from gas enabled V-2 rockets. Other major population centers in Great Britain struggle to feed and house their own citizens, let alone the thousands of wandering homeless.

Much of the war production lies to the north of London and out of harm's way during the Battle of Britain. As the war drags on, however, German V weaponary and sabotage cause serious disruption to productivity and morale in these industrial centers. When London's population is decimated by atomic attack in August 1947 the country virtually grinds to a halt. Most of Parliament and the House of Lords are out of the city during the attack but Churchill and his cabinet are caught in the explosion and subsequently die of exposure to radiation. Fearing another attack on a government center, British leaders decide yo go into hiding. Without any visible form of leadership the citizens of Great Britain riot as panic in the streets becomes the norm. The newly selected Prime Minister has no choice but to declare martial law until the extent of the atomic threat against England can be determined and the government can once again return to the public stage.

Great Britain relies heavily on support from the United States and other former colonies as its society degrades into near anarchy. Despite its condition, however, Great Britain remains a guiding force in the war effort by its sacrifice, proximity to the combat zones, and the historical ties it retains with former colonies. This nation, once buoyed by an eternal optimism and willingness to make necessary sacrifices stands at a crossroads. Unable to meet the demands of a prolonged war with Germany and now the Soviet Union, Great Britain is also unable to feed and adequately provide for its people. Hard choices will need to be made in the near future. The stiff upper lip quivers.

State of the Military

Once V-Gas is introduced, the unprepared Allies are forced to halt their advance into Europe giving the Germans time to reinforce their positions. Dealing with the staggering death toll from these attacks is only trumped by the impact of having to put down countrymen that had been "zombified". Word of German units unleashing hordes of zombies on Allied positions only reinforces the Allied troops' belief that they are indeed fighting for a just cause. The Allies try with little success to find a way to counteract the effects of V-Gas and instead leave vast wastelands separating Allied and Fascist troops with neither side daring to risk being attacked and infected by zombies that roam these areas. Almost as disturbing as zombies are the reports of other supernatural creatures preying on unsuspecting Allied troops. Censors diligently remove references from news stories and letters home about werewolves, vampires, and gargoyles being encountered on the battlefield. Allied troops start to speak as if the pits of hell are being emptied onto the battlefield in front of them. When credible accounts of supernatural creatures reaches the highest command structure the British begin to investigate ways to counteract these threats. MI-13 is fromed under the Special Operations Executive (SOE) in 1945.

The entrance of Spain into the war deals the Allies a severe blow as Vichy France was poised to turn on the Germans soon after the invasion began. Instead of concentrating on a drive towards Germany the Allies struggle just to liberate Paris by early 1945. Exiled French leader Charles De Gaulle's insistence that the liberation and defence of Paris take top priority allows the German's to fortify their positions north and east of the capital. After 1945 Allied advances in France and Belgium are nearly impossible due to the losses of men to V-Gas and continued problems at home. When Dunkirk is devastated by an atomic explosion in 1947 the Allies are forced to move re-supply operations south and further away from teh front lines. When Paris is leveled by another atomic bomb the newly organized French government is destroyed. This causes teh Allies even further delays delivering men and materials to the front lines as they deal with the effects of two major population centers being utterly annihilated.

Information gathered by British intelligence agencies is confirmed when Allies are confronted by the first of the German armoured walkers in August of 1944. The speed and ferocity of these newly designed war machines stuns Allied troops already reeling from the toxic warfare being waged by Hitler's regime. By 1946 the Brits have reverse engineered destroyed German Mecha and have their own mechanized walkers to counter the Germans, but the highly trained Germans often prevail in head to head engagements.

By 1949 the Allies no longer have complete control of the skies over Europe as the Luftwaffe has been reoutfitted with powerful and deadly jet aircraft. Allied prototypes are still some time from reaching the assembly line. This also makes the imperative mission of bombing German industrial centers even more dangerous to Allied fliers. To make up for their growing losses in the air, the Allies are forced to put tremendous amounts of men and materials into reducing German war production, often as the cost of starving ground troops in France. When much of the German production is moved south into Austria and Italy, well out of the range of Allied bombers, guerrilla warfare and commando raids are employed but with limited success.

Forced to confront a hostile Soviet Union, American military commanders are willing to endure a stalemate in Western Europe if it means Germany and Russia will continue to grind each other down in the East. British commanders do not share this opinion causing tension between the two countries at the highest levels. Both nations agree that stopping Hitler from re-supplying his atomic arsenal takes priority over any other covert activity conducted in the war. Research from New Zealand conducted in the early 1940s gains a champion in the new Prime Minister. The "Tsunami Bomb" as it is called shows promise in its ability to shut down or destroy Soviet naval installations in Sweden and Western Russia once the Allies are ready to deal with the traitor Stalin.