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[NEWS] Updated Ranks & Spoiler Tags
« on: August 14, 2009, 01:38:55 pm »
Hey guys! Another batch of news for you...

Ranking System

Our ranking system has just had a much needed refresh - hopefully it makes it more of a challenge to get to the top for you people who post like 20 times a day and easier for you other people who... don't.  :)

So, here they are in their new shining glory:

1 star = Companion = 0 - 49
2 stars = Slytheen = 50 - 299
3 stars = Sontaran = 300 - 699
4 stars = Cyberman = 700 - 1,499
5 stars = Jagrafess = 1,500 - 4,999
6 stars = Dalek = 5,000 - 9,999
7 stars = Timelord = 10,000 - 19,999
8 stars = The Master = 20,000 - 29,999
9 stars = The Doctor = 30,000 +

Hopefully it will all work out. 

Spoiler Tag

For those of you who haven't noticed, we have a new addition to our post bar - a spoiler tag.  This means that if you post anything that might be a spoiler, you can hide it with the spoiler tag.  Like this:

[spoiler]OMG! A Spoiler!![/spoiler]

What's the point in this?  Well, believe it or not, not everyone wants the next DW episode to be ruin by unwittingly reading a plot spoiler in someone's post.  The spoiler gives them the choice whether they want to read it or not.  To read one, click the spoiler button.  Spoiler boxes also have other uses, like temporarily hiding large photos or as an OOC box.

You can make text a spoiler by selecting the text and clicking the radioactive icon, or by wrapping the text in 'spoiler' tags, like so:

Code: [Select]
[spoiler]Spoiler text goes here.[/spoiler]

As you can see, we liked the new forum shoutbox so much, we've decided to keep it running alongside the existing one for the time being.  You're feedback is still welcome, and if you have any problems with it, just contact one of the Staff.

If you have any questions or comments, just reply in this thread!
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