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Title: News Feed
Post by: Zeg on June 07, 2011, 08:39:51 pm
In a surprise development Cally Schneider (19) was arrested today at Chatsworth House. It is believed that Ms Schneider lowered the House's transmat shield in order to allow her brother, Richard Schneider (22) access to the House so he could kidnap Rafye Crawford (22) who was staying there over night. Ms Crawford, a Genci, is believed to be pregnant by at least two and maybe more fathers and is carrying at least 4 babies, but that's Gencis for you.

Clive Wilson (24) famous author, was rushed to hospital today. Doctors refused to comment on his condition.
Title: Re: News Feed
Post by: Stormwell on June 07, 2011, 10:00:17 pm
Rafye's surname is Crawford.
Title: Re: News Feed
Post by: Zeg on June 23, 2011, 11:42:40 pm
It was rumoured today that Professor Herbert Schneider (55) head of Egyptology at the British Museum may resign following a fight in the canteen with Professor David Stephenson (36). Sir Reginald fitzgerald (63) Director of the museum was quoted as saying 'Professor Schneider's behavour has become increasingly erratic since he married Abigail Evans (25) last year.'

The White House today denied rumours that the British had been given a Japanese Purple cypher machine. President Roosevelt was quoted as saying that 'this story was about as believable as the Empire State Building being built by a handful of tin garbage cans.'
In other news the US navy denied reports that a new experimental aircraft had gone down in flames near Midway.

The Empire's moon landing attempt may be in trouble. With reports of haunted space suits, mysterious little girls and Egyptian sarcophaguses appearing out of thin air the question has to be asked, 'Are the team in Honolulu up to the task?'
Torchwood have assigned a special investigator to investigate... specially.

As Cyclone Maria continues to bring devastation to the South Pacific, reports of Aswang are on the increase. Aswang are mythological creatures, a kind of South East Asian equivalent of European vampires. Stories of Aswang carrying off babies dramatically increased last month after the magnitude 9.7 earthquake in the region.
Title: Re: News Feed
Post by: Zeg on June 24, 2011, 07:13:05 pm
It was carnival time in Rio de Janeiro today. No Mardi Gras hadn't come early, the city was celebrating it's miraculous escape from near certain oblivion. At 12:27 GMT an NEO (Near Earth Object) was spotted heading straight towards the city. The object hadn't been detected earlier owing to its solar trajectory. With only minutes to spare it seemed that the city of some 12 million souls was doomed. Fortunately the Torchwood array was able to deflect the object causing it to impact harmlessly in the North Atlantic. Proving once again Torchwood's value, not only to Britain but to the world in general.

The UNIT carrier Vanguard was dispatched to the impact site to carry out an analysis of the meteor.